A God of All Seasons


The seasonal changes in Atlanta have been quite odd this year.  At moments where it should be cooling down in preparation for the arrival of winter, the weather has remained at temperatures akin to spring.  I haven’t even had to break in well my fall/winter attire.  Nevertheless, despite the confusion of the weather, the leaves and flowers all stand in agreement as they are clothed in their garments of autumn.  Yellows, reds, oranges, and minimal greens scribble against the walls of nature as a reminder that regardless of how it may feel–Fall is here.

Recently, while riding with a friend to go get some breakfast, we were halted at a traffic light.  Immediately, before us stood a picturesque view of autumn kissed trees in the distance–slightly glossed with mid-day fog. As I casually talked with him, I stopped amidst our conversation to comment on the beauty of creation that stood before us. He was in agreement. But as this view was momentarily frozen in time, the passage of Ecc. 3 came to mind.

In this moment as I gazed at the snapshot of autumn in the horizon, I was reminded that seasons change. The visual image reminded me that if God can equip even nature in the mist of seasonal changes, does he not even consider us in the midst of seasonal changes in our immediate environment.

God is a God of ALL seasons! What do I mean by thatJust as quickly as God makes environmental changes so that the trees and animals can adapt to shifts in climate…he moves just as quickly in our lives to adapt to the shifts we encounter–hormonal shifts, relational shifts, shifts in finances, shifts in employment, shifts in transition from life to death—from death to life…In every transitional phase of life–God is always present.

It appears that this year has been one of the most fluctuating seasons in my life that I and some of my friends have ever encountered and the passage of Ecc. 3 appears to be so befitting. From new births, marriages, new relationships, severing of relationships and an immense amount of deaths have highlighted our lives over the past few months. It’s a constant reminder that to everything there is a season.

A Time for Everything

1 There is a time for everything,  and a season for every activity under the heavens…

In closing, may God equip you to adapt to the changes in your environment.  May you extract life lessons from each transition that will develop you, enhance you, and advance you as your progress through various stages of life. May you never get weary or lose hope when the climate in your life fluctuates.  Though it may unsettling at first, there will be a time where these shifts will calm and you will be able to enjoy what the individual season has to offer.


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