Driving on the interstate early one Sunday morning. The dreary weather and chilling the winds registered on the car thermometer at 54 degrees. I thought to myself ” here goes another atypical day of Spring”. As I continued to drive, I noticed how some of nature became confused with the fluctuating weather. Some trees were still barren as if in the midst of Winter. However, as I continued to drive, I saw a single Cherry Tree, in full bloom with the most beautiful cherry blossoms. I looked in amazement at this tree upright in seclusion–beautifully unaffected by the fluctuating shifts in the temperature

That’s when the following words were given to me:

As you go through life, there are shifts that are inevitable, like the seasonal changes of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. However, even though it’s time for a particular season to end, things in the atmosphere may not reflective. At this point, you tend to become discouraged, but should keep in mind the Cherry Blossom. Look at its physical surroundings. Though much of nature is still confused, there is something innate inside the Cherry Tree, that knows, regardless of what’s going on around it, regardless of how fruitless its surrounding world may seem, regardless of how cold and dreary the atmosphere is, no matter how much loneliness emerges, that it is time to bloom. So is it with you. Though your atmosphere may not display all that you desire, have faith in knowing that it is now your time to bloom. There’s nothing you need to do, because you have everything inside of you that will bring forth good fruit–beautiful blossoms that set you apart. STAND STILL AND BLOOM!


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