As we make mistakes, learn and grow in life, one issue I find many Christian singles struggle with the most is that of self-control. Self-control is a struggle that can more so be one of the mind than it is with the heart. It’s also a matter of spiritual immaturity. Yeah, I’m guilty of it too–we all are a work in progress. *just saying*

For instance, if a child sees a cookie that his parent told them, they couldn’t have–in the heart, the child knows that this isn’t the right decision, this is completely against the instructions the parent gave.

BUT… It’s good. The child can’t seem to take their eyes off of it. They must have it.

Ohhhh the temptation!

No matter what position the jar is in–no matter how high, no matter the distance, no matter the obstacles they have to climb to get it–that child is going to get that cookie!

They just can’t help it. They blatantly disobey their parent, reach in the jar and get a cookie…and another one…and another one.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes this disobedience doesn’t emerge because defiance is a deeply rooted issue in child’s heart, but because access to the cookie is restricted and limits their control. It becomes too much to handle and their mind begins to develop the thought, “I just have to have it”. So they get it by any means necessary–regardless of the consequences.

It’s mind over matter!

After a while of over-indulging, their stomach hurts. They realize the reason why their parent limited the access in the first place. They realize the boundaries that were set, were there for a reason. FOR PROTECTION!

Let us put away our childish ways–and recognize that when God says NO, there is a reason. Why indulge or even over-indulge in our emotions, temptations, sins and get sick with conviction? Why try to maneuver our way through obstacles, barriers, boundaries that have been set up for a reason–FOR OUR PROTECTION.

Take your hand out of the cookie jar! Your Father knows best.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare[a] and not for evil,(B) to give you a future and a hope.