I have had a very intimate walk with fear for years. I needed a way out.

As a child fear and I became best friends. I was so overly concerned with something disastrous happening to my family, I would spend countless hours wide awake at night just thinking about what could go wrong and praying it didn’t. I didn’t start driving until my 20s because I thought I would get in a horrible accident and lose my life. When my nephew Hunter was born, many nights I would watch him breathe in fear he would stop. In my adulthood, I would associate myself with unfruitful relationships out of fear of being alone. I wanted to major in music, matriculate in Juilliard and become this amazing trained flautist–but fear of unacceptance and failure held me back. I didn’t fly on an airplane or get on a cruise ship until my mid 20s out of fear of heights and the plane crashing or the ship sinking. When I was diagnosed with cancer and was told I was clear but high-risk for recurrence, for 5 years after I was bound with fear of the thought of cancer returning no matter how much I knew God had healed me.

These are just a few examples of how fear had me imprisoned. For all of these years, I had suppressed fear but today all of my history re-introduced itself and I had to address it.


Fear had me trapped in situations that were not God’s best for me and paralyzed my ability to experience God’s greatness to its fullness.

Today me and 5 of my girlfriends thought we were going on an adventure to Zipline for the first time; however, when we arrived, we were in for the experience of a lifetime.

We were introduced to a 4 level obstacle course up to 55 ft above treetops that elevated at the completion of each course.

No matter how much preparation you are given, sometimes it can’t prepare you for all of the challenges that may lie ahead.

To be continued…


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