So I’m up…researching, reflecting and writing in the midnight hours. Though it’s been a long day, I find either very early morning or at midnight is the best time to write.

When you bask in silence, clarity emerges.


Sometimes you lose a lot of sleep and have to find extra time in your day. Extra time? What’s that? <–gotta be a joke!

Sometimes you feel afraid because you think you are going to be judged on your transparency. But ultimately you have to come to an understanding that everyone has not been handed the tasks that you have been handed, as you haven't been handed the task they have been handed. You have to be comfortable in who you are and as Nike says, "JUST DO IT"!

I realize that it is time to stop being afraid, muzzling the words that are placed in me, because holding my writing back, could be holding back a breakthrough for someone else. If what I write just blesses ONE person, then I fulfilled my assignment!

I don't want to be a writer to just get something out and say, "I wrote a book". I want to write multiple books. I want my writing to have impact across the world–touch strangers whom I've never met, inspire them to keep fighting and not give up hope. I want to really make a difference.

In our world today, it’s not the most popular read because it’s not gossiping about the most current trends in Hollywood, highlighting the most current events.

My type of writing is not the most popular because it highlights the power of Christ and to be honest, Christ wasn’t the most popular man on campus. 🙂

However, this is my assignment and I truly believe God’s plans defies popularity.

2012–I can’t wait to see what this year will unfold. #writingunafraid



    • Thank you for following my blog :). It is my prayer that in it you will find something that will inspire you and encourage you as you go throughout this thing called life. I receive your encouraging words and thank you for them! Many blessings to you and your family!

  1. Truly enjoyed your piece, very expressive and real. And as you seek to just put God first and write for Him, the sky is the Limit with the books and heart and minds you will touch. A pleasure knowing and reading your works Ms Spyies! 🙂

    Ti Da (Mr Davis)

      • Thanks and same to you.
        I can only imagine that, conversing with you is an exciting thing…cause as a poet and writer myself…I can see the passion in every word!

  2. You are already “making a difference!” Great blogger, so dedicated and professional 🙂 I am such a scatterbrain by comparison. I need to take a page from your book of “focus.” Aspiring? Perhaps you are but not for long, Blog Author 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your words Aurora… It’s hard, but I’m trying to be more dedicated…inspiration comes from everywhere. You are not scatterbrain at all. What helps you focus more–perhaps I should take notes 🙂

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