You’re Covered. Prove Your Faith and Sleep

As I am sitting here watching The Weather Channel, observing active severe weather and tornado warnings that are sweeping the region, I can’t lie, a little fear set in as I saw the city of Atlanta highlighted in red . There is something about the peace that God gives in the midst of storms.  I have never been in a tornado in my entire life. I find myself at a loss scrambling to get my “emergency preparations” together for the worst case scenario. As I am sitting in my apartment alone, vigilant and prayerful for our nation as a whole, my mother calls me and said, “Brandi are you sleep?” “No, ma’am”, I replied, wondering how she could think I was sleeping at a time like this. She laughs at my response and says calmly, “You’re covered, prove your faith and sleep”. Simple words that hold so much power, only because I don’t believe it was a fleeting word only for this very moment. Those were words that transcends throughout life.

So many times in life we go through things various storms…some with warning some without. However, one thing we must remember is WHO IS IN CONTROL.

Knowing this very thing provides much peace, if one grasps it. I can’t tell you how many storms I have been involved in lacking peace because I have tried to control everything. I have tried to manipulate via words, behaviors, guilty of using persuasive tactics to get my way…not out of malice, but out of wanting what I want when I wanted it. Each time was an EPIC FAILURE.

Through time, mistakes, pain, and growth, I have learned and I’m still learning that God is calling me–He’s calling us to do exactly what my mother said. If we say we LOVE Him, say we BELIEVE Him, and say we TRUST Him–in the midst of chaos and confusion, we should be in a state of peace and rest when storms come our way, Understanding and having full confidence that God has it all in control.

So in the midst of your stormy situations–even if you are observing the rummage in the aftermath of the storm, don’t worry–


Mat 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.