Okay, here I go…being way more transparent that I wish on FB, but I KNOW it’s not just for me.

Tony Robbins did a session on Oprah’s Life Class last night called Emotional Flooding. It’s an exercise where instead of you thinking about the negatives, you flood your emotions with the things that you are grateful for. This exercise changed my life. Here I was having a great morning and one song, threw me into an emotional frenzy, making me get all emotional about what is seemingly a hedge of thorns around me-keeping me from finding true love. I didn’t understand why I’ve been hurt so much or why meeting someone of like mind, like faith where there is a mutual attraction in most areas is soooo difficult of me.

Perhaps you may be experiencing something similar where you don’t quite understand why things are at a stand still–perhaps not in the area of love, but perhaps finances, career, whatever, may these words bless you.

God showed me 1) be grateful that I have kept you despite the many times you’ve tried to work your way out of my protection. 2) Be grateful that what I kept you were from situations you were not even aware 3) Be grateful that my no is not never, but it’s a not right now, only to ensure you be in a situation that will produce fruit 4) Be grateful that you have this time to learn more about yourself and grow 5) be grateful that you have time to learn about Me and Grow 6) Be grateful that you have had personal encounters with patience, faith, trust–you will need these things in the future. 7) be grateful that you have such a big heart and have the time that you can pour love into the lives of people who have no access to it. That’s the epitome of My love.

When I tell you that exercise brought me to my knees in thanks. I’ve never been so grateful for this season. In every difficult situation in life, I urge you to take 4 minutes out of your day to do this exercise. Have a box of Kleenex near by too! ♥ Hope this helped someone!



      • Yeah, got married. It’ll be 16 years in June. The thing I learned most in my singleness was about me, who I was and what I was capable of. That’s why I have a passion to help young women. They need to learn they are already complete in Christ. He gives you whatever you need to make it, you just have to discover it. Take some time to get to know you.

  1. Thanks for sharing. Yes, that’s the place God has got me. I’m engulfed with mission work and always trying to figure out how I can give back. I realize until I get my relationship 100% with God, He will not remove this hedge of thorns from around me. Singleness is powerful if we allow it…and it makes a dynamic combination with another powerful single! May God bless you in all that you do and also in your marriage!!!

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