This probably won’t be one of my most popular blogs, and it’s okay, but it’s my duty to share, what God is revealing to me, through my studies. 

I’m so sad to hear about the man who was shot at Creflo Dollar’s church today. Hearing things like this going on in churches has taken me to a level of prayer for not only believers but non-believers as well.  

Last night during my small group class, the question was asked–IS THE CHURCH WINNING? From the inside the average “church-goer” would assume that the church is indeed winning. Let see–just using my own experiences as an example–you have packed out ministries, packed out services at various times during the weeks, especially Sundays, people praying in the most eloquent ways that one has ever heard, so seemingly it looks as if we are in fact winning; however, winning isn’t defined by your enrollment of members in classes, number of members on your rosters, amount in the building fund or tithing envelopes, or the activities I stated above.  You can have all of that and still far way from the mission of Christ. Believe it or not this is what is seen from the outside. Judgement, manipulation, hypocrisy, backbiting, pretense, people out for quickie feel good messages treating their relationshp with God like any other casual relationship–feels good for the moment, but doesn’t add any long-term quality to your life because you haven’t taken that relationship with him to that deeper level. It’s sad because though this is a partial representation of what’s in the church–it is far from what the original state of the church was designed to be. IS THIS A TRUE EXAMPLE OF CHRISTLIKE LIVING?  Matthew 28:19-20 states, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age”. So if this is the goal of disciples (Followers of Christ <—what “church-goers should be”–the question still lies, IS THE CHURCH WINNING

Being a winning Church begins with being a winning individual for Christ.  It starts at the head level. We must first accept Christ as Lord (person of deity, control and power) of our life. As our mind shifts, changes within our heart are made–our actions and priorities began to line up with what we already know…and as our heart changes, our behavior changes–we become more intentional about the work of Christ. 

With the new perspective God has given me on why I have a second chance at life, I am constantly checking myself and asked myself this very question: If I weren’t a Christian, and someone introduced me to myself–would I want to follow my own lifestyle? Weirdly worded question I know, but a serious self reflection for me.  It made me examine my life more closely to see if what I really “preaching” I’m truly practicing–because it’s not only by our words, but also our actions that will either repel people away from the life of Christ or draw them near. 

So it doesn’t surprise me that we see all of this activity that is disconnected from the mission of Christ (Shootings, accusations of homosexuality from leadership, men spreading HIV to single women in the church, married pastors having affairs and getting women pregnant out of wed-lock). SIN is SIN; however, my Pastor described sin perfectly last Sunday–STUCK IN NEUTRAL…Until we get out of our own selfish desires and in tune with what we were designed for as individuals–the vehicle to winning souls  (THE CHURCH)  in the Kingdom of God will be in this exact position STUCK IN NEUTRAL and in this position, we as a body will never be driven to go the distance in discipleship as God has so commanded. 




  1. Amen! Amen! Amen! This has been my heart’s cry for the last year. James (Jesus’ own half-brother) was so clear when he said, “To know the good you ought to do and not do it is a sin.” It’s really that simple. Not living like Christ is a sin. When the church gets caught up in numbers, they forget that the entire purpose of the church is to “go out and make disciples”. We should be out in the world living like Christ and the way we live our lives should inspire others to want what we have. So many churches are busy building business. They take out billboards and adspace all over town that advertises the business. They’re not advertising Christ. The people within the church are proud to invite their friends to church, but few of them have ever personally experienced leading someone to Christ. After all, if the church members were out growing the kingdom what what happen to the numbers of the church. And when the members see their only responsibility as a Christian is to “invite people to church”, they are free to live their lives as they please (and sin as much as they’d like) because it’s not their job to make disciples of men. They believe that responsibility lies solely on the shoulders of their church leadership. So, my personal opinion on whether the church is winning would be a big fat NO. From top to bottom, pastors to members, the church has missed the mark on living out the picture of the church that was so vividly painted for us by Jesus himself.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. Even after the assimilation process (a person acknowledging Christ and getting them plugged into classes and a support system), we fail at making disciples of Christ by not following up with them. This is where God is working on me on. That horizontal relationship. Jesus spent time with his disciples, they lived life together…this has now become our assignment. The problem is, we are failing miserably. Thank you so much for your input!.

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