God’s Barrier of Protection

Brandi’s Nighttime Reflection

Written by Brandi Spyies and my 13 year old nephew Hunter Hernandez

Today my little doggie got spayed. When I picked her up from the veterinarian she had an Elizabethian collar around her neck and boy was she unhappy about that.  Everytime she wanting to go into on particular direction that may have been dangerous for her, the collar prevented her from sudden and potentially dangerous actions. Sometimes this would make her really impatient, anxious and upset. She realized that she was not longer in control of particular movements. She didn’t realize that the purpose of the collar is to prevent her from licking, biting or opening her surgical wound. Many times in our lives, God will use protective barriers to prevent us from reopening wounds that need time to heal. Like Bailey, it can cause us to become impatient not understanding why we can’t progress in a certain direction, but it is all for our protection. So the next time you are wanting to re-open doors that have clearly been closed, wounds that have clearly be sutured, remember Bailey and her E-Collar–IT IS ALL FOR YOUR PROTECTION.




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